Thursday, April 18, 2013

Obama is helping us out!

Obama Budget Includes Funding for Pregnancy Prevention for Youth in Foster Care Last Tuesday, President Barack Obama released his federal budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2014, which for the first time includes funding for pregnancy prevention for youth in foster care. According to the budget document, “The proposal would create a new discretionary grant program to provide competitive funds to local and state child welfare agencies with the strongest and boldest plans that support interventions to reduce pregnancy for youth in foster care.”

In making the case for the investment, the budget cites the Midwest Study on the Adult Functioning of Former Foster Youth, which found that by age 21, 56 percent of foster youth had given birth to at least one child, a rate that is more than double the rate for the same-age general population. In California, SB 528 is working to address high rates of unintended pregnancy among foster youth by ensuring all youth in foster care have access to information about their sexual development and reproductive health starting at age 12.

To fund the $12 million program, the Administration proposes to cancel unobligated balances in Abstinence Education and repurpose them for comprehensive approaches to prevent pregnancy among youth in foster care. To read more about the proposal, check out a blog post by Sean Hughes in the Chronicle of Social Change.

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